Xbox Wireless Headset

When the PlayStation 3 was first launched one of the most important new features was the PlayStation 3 wireless controller. The actual functions were the same as the old wired versions but with one major difference, they were now completely wireless.

The PlayStation 3 Wireless Controller

The wireless aspect works by a bluetooth connection. You no longer have or need wires running from your main console to the handsets. This make playing games much easier giving the player full freedom of movement while in game play.

The Wireless DualShock controller is sold in 4 different colours but there is no 433 mhz remote control difference in the functionality. The colour is just a matter of taste and preference. As a side note, did you know that many gamers are convinced that the silver controllers are better than the others. It isn’t true, it’s just another colour casing around the same components. The PlayStation 3 wireless controllers work with all the games. Having said that Sony are really pushing their new “Move” wireless controller and not all of the Move games will work easily with a wireless dual shock controller.

The Latest PlayStation 3 Wireless Controller: PlayStation Move

To explain more about this new move controller you need to know that both Sony and Microsoft are in competition to produce the best camera sensor controller. The Microsoft Kinect is running head to head against the Sony Move. The Move works with a camera that senses the game players movements in games. You need to stand within the range of the camera for this to work but it has a wide area of view. You can buy special wireless handset chargers so that they are always ready for use.

How the PlayStation 3 Wireless Controller Works.

The connection from the wireless handset to the console is made via bluetooth and you can have up to 7 different bluetooth accessories connected. So for multi-player games this technology is a real help. No wires getting twisted up and messing up your floor.

The range of the bluetooth is about 30 feet which is more than enough for playing in your home. A full charge on the handset will give you over 24 hours of use.

Aside from all the technical spec. what you really need to know is that this PlayStation 3 Wireless controller works and works very well. I’m still not sure whether the Move for the PlayStation is better than the Kinect for the Xbox 360. They both use a camera sensor but in slightly different ways. If you are a PlayStation owner then you will obviously go with the Move.