Why Movies Are Getting Worse

Filmmakers have lost their touch in the last fifty years, with a number of reasons for this. One of the major causes is funding structures. Films are now financed by investors, who have mastered the art of profiting from them. It all started with a visit from George Lucas to Steven Spielberg, who was on break from his work on Star Wars. Spielberg then went on to make Jaws’ sequel, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.


As film production costs increase, movie studios are looking for ways to cut costs. Unfortunately, CGI is a common target for these cuts, and a poor visual result can be a result. Studios are also using cheaper CGI companies to make the movies, which may result in a lower quality end result.

While the technology behind CGI has improved tremendously in the last few decades, the overall working conditions for CGI artists have not. They are often overworked with minimal time. This leads to a dehumanizing workload and poor quality work. Many people are forced to work 17-hour days without a break.


Films are becoming more expensive. The top ten most expensive films of the last decade were all made after 2010. In 2010, the average budget of a movie was double what it was in 1990. As of today, it’s not unusual for a film to have a $200 million budget. But this number can’t be sustained.

Increasing costs have forced producers and directors to find new ways to reduce their costs. The process of making a movie involves many different steps and costs. One of these is the post-production, which turns raw footage into a finished product. Other costs include insurance, accounting, financing, and overheads. In addition to the production costs, publicity work is often undertaken on set. The average cost of making a movie varies depending on the film, but costs are still a significant part of the film making process.


A list of the worst directors in recent years does not mean that every one of their films has been bad. Some directors have produced better find similar movies than others, and there are many exceptions to this rule. In some cases, directors have returned to the highs of their career. Nevertheless, there is a trend of films getting worse as the director’s career advances.

Let’s take a look at some examples. The precocious Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, for instance, has won two Best Director Oscars. However, his films have a tendency to be single-serving triumphs with little nuance. In one recent film, 21 Grams, he delivered a ludicrous yet prettily shot triptych of grief porn.


Critics are not the only ones concerned about movie performances. Even some famous actors have done their fair share of bad work. Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tom Hardy have all been accused of delivering terrible performances. Unfortunately, their performances often slip under the radar or receive mockery.

Filmmaking as an artistic endeavor

Filmmaking is a challenging endeavor, with many challenges faced by indie filmmakers. These creatives often work as freelancers or have day jobs, and many find it hard to find a steady income as a filmmaker. They even sometimes have to get creative by experimenting with different methods to make their films. It’s also important to note that filmmaking is very time consuming, and many filmmakers work multiple jobs to support their film projects.