Westminster Dog Show Bows To The Beagle

I Know Dogs

I was watching the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show TV Listings the other night and who should win Stylish In Show but a Beagle. First time ever.


What a hunk. This joe rattled my bones and I do not mean chewables. I would like him to be a ranging journalist like me because he’d have stories of his rise to the top and report his passions of loneliness, expedients, fears, and triumphs.

Who could forget Snoopy from Peanuts, his sweet capers and intelligence? He was below normal also, as all tykes are. There are records of Beagles going back in history 2000 times and what superb nimrods, and defenders they were. Moment, they do much the same by hunting for medicines, contraband, and crime substantiation.

Veritably smart indeed and because of that, I would like to propose a new order for tykes Stylish In Know

. Being a MENSA canine myself, I know that all kinds of tykes have one kind of gift or another. Why not promote a canine show that features the gift and intelligence of tykes rather of just a beauty contest? Not just exhibitions of running, jumping and Frisbees, but thinking and logic. All tykes would be allowed to contend and espoused tykes given special consideration.

There might indeed be a Special Olympics for hindered tykes to show their thinking capacities. They’ve capacities too. My handicap was being from Embarrass, MN. ( Suppose of all the explaining I had to do.)

And what about further recognition for the possessors, coaches, and groomers, to name a many. Look what they did for Lassie. Any prize plutocrat would go to the ASPCA, Humane Society, pup shop elimination and pet harbors. Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show TV Listings is a exciting show to watch ever.

Miss Daisy, Roving Journalist.

Robert is editor of Dog Biscuit Gazette, canine nut grandiose, preceptor, and professional speaker.

Miss Daisy, from Embarrass, MN, is a ranging journalist and pen for the Gazette. Being an below average canine she belongs to MENSA For Dogs and reports tips for tykes and possessors.