Water Cooler Talk!

It’s easy to take the safety of our tap water for granted, and we shouldn’t. Pollution and deteriorating, out-of-date water delivery piping under our roads and in our homes are sometimes delivering drinking water that might pose some health risks to some residents. And, we’re not even talking about what is added to the water.

Many cities around the country rely on very  مياه old water delivery systems and treatment technology. We’re talking pre-World War I in some cases. The original piping in some cities was wire- bound wooden slats. Then came cast iron, then cement asbestos piping. The most recent is that pretty aqua blue PVC piping.With chlorinated and/or fluoridated water running though those pipes for years, you can imagine what is going on inside those pipes. There is all kinds of wearing and corrosion and in some areas liming build-up. One thing you can almost guarantee is in there, is biofilm. It is a slimy buildup that can harbor microbes and other critters that can get into your house piping. It is not prevented by chlorines or chloramines, in fact, they may even promote them.

But is the water really safe? Actually, by government standards it is. With what the government regulates should be in the water, it is classified as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe). That basically means that it will not make you sick immediately. Some comfort.

In areas of high rainfall, the drinking water can be surface water, which runs down hills into reservoirs. This water lacks minerals and is measured as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). In other areas, the water bubbles up out of deep water aquifers and is loaded with minerals. Surface water has low TDS and ground water generally has high TDS. Water with low TDS is generally lower in pH and can be acidic in nature.

You need to understand this picture. Pipes are in the ground for many, many years. Inside those pipes there is a corrosion and slime build-up which is certainly not prevented by chlorine. In that build up, there could be germs that have become resistant to chlorine, there could be cryptosporidium, a parasite which is immune to chlorine. There could be algae that grows in the slime. All of that has water running through and over it. The water cannot help to pick up some particulate matter from the coating inside the pipe. You know where it is going too, it comes out of your faucet. You can’t see what’s in it and so you are trusting what your local water people are telling you. Your immune system can look after a lot of what contamination may be on your food and in your water, but once a certain level is reached, you could become ill.

New research is showing that electro-chemically activated water may be the answer. It is made with water, salt and electricity, creating a strong microbicide that kill pathogens by disrupting their cell walls. The water is safe to drink, according to reports and has no salty taste. By using electro-chemically activated water, you can keep yourself, your family and your home germ-free.

Interestingly, laboratory tests are also showing that electro-chemically activated water kills germs on surfaces, including your meat, chicken and fish. It will even kills little crawlies on your veggies and will neutralize chemical pesticides and herbides on them as well, according to reports.

Electro-chemically activated water will eliminate all of the biofilm in pipes according to a report out of South Africa. It is time to have a healthier, more germ free environment while preserving the beneficial bacteria so the world is more in balance. When the world is in balance, it is easier for your health to be in balance. Since water is essential to life, it could be the first step.