This new watch has no history and isn’t a sports watch, yet it became popular in the shortest time in Rolex’s history

Introduced in 2012, Sky-Dweller came out with this unique character and offered a mix of all elements, design characters, profiles, and functions that a modern watch is expected of. For Rolex, it was an effortless play!

The movement on the Sky-Dweller comes with a combination of complications offering a tool time with the GMT function in an annual Calendar. Wherein standard mechanical watches, you have to adjust the date five times in a year for the months with 30 or fewer days to Sky-Dweller skip to the 31st state and jump to the first of the following month.

However, In the annual Calendar, you have to change the date on the watch just once a year. This new Sky-dweller knows whether the month has 30 or 31 days and will automatically skip to the next state.

Hence, the name Annual Calendar will get you thinking about how you would read the month after!!!

Here it is impressively simple and innovative how Rolex found our way out to show you the month of the year in the dial, and unless you know it, it doesn’t seem to you the month of the year.

Every watch has twelve markers for hours, and that’s exactly, and that’s precisely the number of months in a year. So, Rolex intelligently designed each feature to present the month of the year while, of course, offering you the arbor function.

Upon looking closely, you find a red square behind one of the hour markers that display the month in this particular example. The red square is on the album marker for midnight, so we can say that it is the month of December.

sky-dweller 326934-0005

Can you see how smartly the GMT or second-time zone is displayed in this watch? Just under the midnight marker where there are 24 hours chapter ring.

The combination of gold and steel is unquestionably luxurious and robust. The 18k white gold with a sleek blue dial makes this watch look high in demand. It has become a genuine love for watch collectors and holds the status of the most desirable eye in the world.

The boss-style watch comes with a beautiful sunburst pattern, and the shade of blue changes from electric loop to almost black in different lightening. The dark features rectangular hour marks with beveled profiles and are filled with long-lasting chroma light luminescent material to improve time eligibility in the dark.

The watch is equipped with a self-winding machinal caliber 9001, one of the most complex and impressive movement calibers ever developed by Rolex. The movement offers 72 hours of power reserve and an accuracy of minus 2 seconds a day.

The size of the case is relatively bigger at 42mm. It’s going to cover your wrist nicely and appear to be appealing and elegant. The height of the watch is 51mm. SO, this watch is not recommended for wrists smaller than 6 inches in size.

The fluted bezels further upscale the experience with a comfortable bracelet with brushed side links and a polished center, complementing the oyster clasp.

This watch is a blend of modern designs with a touch of simplicity that sets this watch aside from the crowd and on the top.