The Pros and Cons of a Paint Protection Film

XPEL offers a range of packages that provide exceptional protection for your vehicle against a variety of potential damages. Each package is designed to meet different protection needs, allowing you to choose the level of coverage that best suits you. One of the best ways to maintain your protective film job is by simply washing your car with a gentle soap that won’t strip away any wax or sealant you might have previously applied. The only time this type of product should be removed from your paintwork is when it needs repairing due to damage caused by flying debris like gravel or rocks kicked up during transport on dirt roads. Road debris is constantly hitting the surface of your car, and is gradually changing the appearance of your vehicle.

As with the Demon, Envious Detailing polished the factory paint to remove any scratches before installing the protective film. This was followed by a ceramic coating of the PPF and the GT’s carbon fiber wheels, plus tinting the side windows and adding a ClearPlex windshield film.

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Environmental elements can cause affect the integrity of paint over time. It can literally lose its luster and become dull, faded and discolored. These environmental elements include rain, snow and direct sunlight.

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Read more about Auto Lackschutzfolierung here. Not only does it lend its own protective properties, but it also acts as a safeguard against the yellowing of the PPF due to UV rays. In doing so, it prolongs the life of the PPF and ensures that your initial high investment in PPF retains its value and aesthetic appeal. Freshly installed PPF is very vulnerable, therefore you must be careful to see if paint protection film is worth the money. Professionals recommend not touching the film for a few days and not pressing any bubbles, as they should disappear later on. PPF requires a wet installation, therefore the film holds moisture for at least a week.

Expert Installation

But as beautiful as that image may be, it’s not complete without a car to drive. And as anyone who’s ever had their car damaged knows, that freedom can come at a price. Finally, buff out the entire surface of the paint protection film with a microfiber cloth to give it a nice shine. Apply the paint protection film to the car starting at one edge and working your way across. In sum, the complaints against Paint Protection Film do arise from real-world situations.

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Headlights, fog lamps, and parking lights are prone to damage, pitting, and hazing from years of exposure. Keep lights crystal clear & shining bright with Headlight Protection Film that’s precision designed for a perfect fit on nearly any vehicle you can imagine. Sometimes, you need to take protection into your own hands and do it yourself. Find all of the latest Self-Install Kits to keep your car or truck chip & scratch free like Door Edge Guards, Door Handle Cups, Universal Fit Rocker Panel protection, and Door Sill protectors.