The Essay Paper

The essay exam (200 marks) within the civil services main exam is vital to determine the ultimate resultin determining the final outcome, selection and the ranking. It’s crucial since there is no particularization of an essay, which means that no candidate can claim to be an expert as opposed to optional subjects. Essays do not provide an authoritative source like general studies or subjects that are optional. This presents a problem. It is crucial to recognize that essays are an expression of your personality of the person – their ideas, perspectives analysis, assessment, conclusions, values, attitudes aptitude, news, and orientation, as well as communication (written) capabilities All the traits which are sought by UPSC for an aspirant essay paper writing services.

The general trend is that an essay papers are composed of 6 topics of which one will be selected. There isn’t a syllabus for an essay. Everything that is possible could be requested. If we analyze the previous year’s papers it is easy to identify some main topics. For instance, there is at least one essay on women’s empowerment each year. Therefore, the subject ‘Women’s empowerment’ is a common issue.

Root Topics

Women Empowerment

Environment, S&T, Energy Security, Sustainable Development

Justice, democracy and other related issues

Educational, Indian Culture

Current News

Suggested Reading:

Yojana issues

Frontline Cover stories

“The Hindu” Sunday Magazines

Groundwork Preparation

The time frame for the essay paper is three hours, and the word limit isn’t specified. The general consensus is 1500 to 2000 words are the minimum required for an excellent essay. It is possible to write even at a moderate speed between 2 and two and a half hours. The first 30 to 45 minutes are devoted to prepare the essay. The first thing to do is choose the appropriate essay subject. From the six possible topics, one will typically be related to a philosophical issues but unless one is certain that it is best to leave out. Also, it is possible to eliminate subjects with that one isn’t confident. Certain topics, the majority of the applicants are not able to keep a steady balance during the entire essay, so eliminate them. Select the subject you believe will be able to do justice. The answer booklet for the main test is comprised of 24 pages. The last 3-4 pages may be used to do rough work.

If you’re sure you are able to complete the primary booklet, ask for another one at the start on the exam then use the booklet as rough work. On these pages, you can create an your outline for the essay, by asking yourself questions. It’s also known as brainstorming. Consider an instance: “Terrorism and global peace (CSE-2005)”

The most common questions are:

What exactly is terrorism? What are its objectives, methods and source?

How is it affecting the peace of the world?

What are the different types of terrorism? How each is an attack on peace in the world?

What are the reasons that allow the rise of terrorism?

How can the peace of the world be sustained (remedy and global strategy to fight terror due to its spread across all nations)?

What is the significance of terrorism India and how does it impact Indians life style?

What is the best conclusion? Ex. Terrorism has a negative impact on peace in the world and is a reality. Therefore, the best solution is to eliminate it. Whatever its form the problem should be rebuked as it causes the death of precious lives as well as the the existence of many.

In this way, many additional questions are possible to be developed.

Next step to ask your self about the subject and then write whatever thoughts come to mind, without arrangement, just in words, not sentences. Once this step is completed, make the conclusion part more details in the rough space.


A well-written introduction and a good conclusion are a must.

There must be a an interlink between paragraphs.

Clarity of language is crucial. Use plain English to communicate your message effectively. It is not necessary to use a flowery words. Simple and logical presentations suffice.

Practice is the key to getting the best score.

Make sure you write a strong introduction. The introduction should direct the reader in what you plan to communicate in your essay. The conclusion must be well-written and be able to satisfy the reader. Always end with a positive note.

The emphasis should be on providing an adequate review of the subject.

Avoid straying into the areas that are not relevant to the subject.

Be sure you are knowledgeable and have enough the material you need to write before selecting the subject.