Teen Cutting – The Growing Problem of Teenage Cutting and Self Harm

It is amazing but there is a little or rather a big secret that is going on in the teen community. Teenage cutting may be unfamiliar to many adults but it is time this secret is revealed. What we are speaking of here is actually self-mutilation; this is a word that brings to mind very ugly images of pain and disfigurements. Actually most cutters do not disfigure themselves but they do cause marks to their bodies.

The question that most people ask is why would someone want to hurt burning self harm him or herself. When a person is found out to be a cutter the usually course of action is the mental health root. A teen will be asked or ordered to see a doctor; the doctor will usually prescribe medication for depression or possibly other mood lifting medications. The problem with this is that the doctor has no cure for cutting. The good thing about medication is that it can numb the underlying pain. Medication can help you, it has helped many cutters but it is not a cure. The problem of cutting stems from a root cause and medication does not address that cause.

The question of why a teen cuts has been addresses in therapy. The good of therapy is that it usually leads to some revelation. The teen may express feelings that the parent never knew existed, this is one aspect of therapy that is very helpful. Therapy can be very beneficial; often it helps the parent as much or more than the child. The question of why the teen cuts often boils down to the fact that the person needs to do this. The act has become necessary to the cutter. Something is being addressed by the cut. The cut becomes the answer to something. This is the difficulty when people ask why the cutter cuts. It is similar to asking why a drug addict takes drugs. The broad answer is that the drug feels good. A cutter may want to cut because it feels good or may not want to cut but does so because it is an answer to something.

What the person is seeking is a solution or an answer. This is why medication cannot cure the condition, it can mask the need for an answer but it does not deliver the answer. Teens often give vague answers as to why the cut. They are not being invasive they are been truthful. This is actually a very true answer to the root problem. The teen is vague because often they do not know. The only answer to them is that this action is helping them. So cutting is bad but is helpful. This leaves one in a catch 22 How many people will stop something that is helping them? There is an answer to this problem that goes beyond the traditional methods of medication and therapy that has been helping teenage cutters and adult cutter. It is a deeper root revelation that has been helping and curing cutters. The teen will learn why they are cutting. It is basically deep rooted revealing that opens the teen as well as the parent to the real reason for the cutting.