Should you employ in-house telemarketers or use a telemarketing agency?

Let’s put aside how to find a good telemarketing agency,Guest Posting and focus on the question of whether you should use internal resource or hire an external  telemarketing agency.For many companies, there are three compelling reasons to use a telemarketing agency:1)    Focus2)    Capabilities3)    CostThis article examines these three reasons and suggests why, in many cases, it makes more sense to use the services of an external telemarketing agency for business-to-business telemarketing campaigns.1)    FocusFirstly, a strong reason for using a telemarketing agency is that they will focus on the task desert safari dubai deals of generating leads for your business. Many companies, when using an internal resource, will hand this over to either an admin person or expect telemarketing to be done as an extension of their role.But, let’s be honest about what really happens in most businesses: they find something else to do.Unlike a telemarketing agency, which employs people to make outbound telemarketing calls day-in, day-out, your employees have other duties to perform. And, believe me, they will find anything else to do rather than telemarketing.

The same goes for if you choose to hire your own people “just to cold call” rather than use a telemarketing agency. After a few months, I guarantee, they will be doing something (anything) else rather than telemarketing.Using a telemarketing agency means that you have a resource focused on telemarketing for your business. By using a telemarketing agency you ensure a continual effort to generate leads, not the reluctant, ad-hoc approach you will get form your own people.2)    CapabilitiesHand-in-hand with the issue of focus is that of capabilities. By working with a telemarketing agency you will access people who are far better at telemarketing that your own people. Even if you have dedicated sales people they often won’t match a good telemarketing agency when it comes to making outbound calls.External telemarketing agencies also bring capabilities around data acquisition, segmentation, key message and “pitch” development which your own people will lack.Think about it; a good telemarketer working in a small telemarketing agency will pitch around 100 prospects in a week. Given that the best telemarketers have been in the game for at least 10 years, that’s over 50,000 pitches. That’s a level of telemarketing experience you will only get by working with a telemarketing agency; you’ll never get it from an in-house employee.3)    CostFinally, another reason for many companies to consider using a telemarketing agency is cost.When comparing using your people, or even yourself as the owner of a small business, against the cost of a telemarketing agency, the costs are pretty compelling.A telemarketing agency will charge, on average around £250 per day for a telemarketer. That’s attractive even when you compare it against the cost of your sales people. But when you consider the cost of them not being in front of prospects and actually closing, the cost justification stacks up in favour of the telemarketing agency.When comparing a telemarketing agency against an admin person making “a few cold calls” the costs need a little more study but they still make sense