Selling PDF Files – Make Money Selling PDF Documents Online

Selling PDFs: Do you have got PDF report(s) you desire to promote? If you do then, this is the thing for you!

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. A PDF document is a document that can not be modified. Which means, in case you wrote some thing in Microsoft phrase (or any program for that rely), and you wish to distribute your paintings without it being without difficulty modifiable by using absolutely everyone, a PDF record is what you want.

To rework a Microsoft phrase report to a PDF report you want to store the Microsoft phrase document as PDF layout. Just click on the Office Button on the very top left hand nook of your Microsoft phrase display screen. Then go to “Save As”, then select to save the file as “PDF or XPS”.

Once you do that, the document you saved the report as will have a “.Pdf” extension.

When a record has a “.Pdf” extension, it basically way the record is now a PDF file, and every time you click on it to open it, this system PDF Adobe Reader could be unfolded to permit you to examine it. Once a report has come to be a PDF Document, it can not be easily changed!

So the query is, how can you promote a PDF report online?

Selling Downloads: The Process

The technique of selling a PDF document online buy real documents online  is the same as promoting every other record.

(1). Try to zip the PDF report first so it has a “.Zip” extension. This manner, regardless of which browser clients use to down load your PDF record, they will have no problems.

When customers buy your PDF report, a set off will come up on their display. From that activate, they are able to prefer to download the zip file.

After the zip record has been downloaded and clicked upon, it will mechanically open up and customers could be able to view the “.Pdf” file that is internal of it.

Selling PDF Downloads: What you will want to start the procedure

1. Have your own internet site

2. Have Unix Hosting for that website

3. Have A Business PayPal Account

4. A PayPal PHP Code

Selling PDF Downloads: Why do you want all of this?

To sell PDF documents, you want all the above. But why? The motives are:

1. You need your very own internet site due to the fact it’s miles for your high-quality interest to have one so that you can upload your PDF files to it. This way you guarantee that nobody receives your document (either by using theft or something), without having paid for it.

2. You want Unix Hosting for that internet site because; you need with the intention to be capable of maneuver around in it with simple instructions.

Three. A commercial enterprise PayPal Account is wanted to system the payments made in your PDF products by way of clients. PayPal will take care of the bills for you… Securely!

Four. The PayPal PHP Code is the engine that handles the download system after PayPal has established successful price completion.