Rich Fonts In Your Web Sites

Text style determination is maybe on of the greatest game changers in the progress of some random plan. Utilizing CSS we can adjust existing text styles essentially. Tragically, we’re actually restricted to few program safe text styles.

The sIFR typography module utilizes streak actionscripts and javascript to supplant existing text styles with rich typography. It’s an unquestionably incredible asset. The module is free and accessible under an overall population liscense.

How can it function?

sIFR downloads streak .swf records containing a custom text style that is then held in the program reserve. This implies you can really fix your client’s program with another textual style that doesn’t exist in their PC’s text style library. Essentially sIFR can deal with dynamic substance since the .swf is a text style library, as opposed to a basic static glimmer film.


sIFR corrupts effortlessly into default CSS textual styles for those clients who have their Javascript of glimmer handicapped. Apple Pay Evolution in Canada It’s additionally completely open to screenreaders and other assistive innovations. Matt May from the W3C has completely supported it as an open strategy to make rich typography on the web.

As far as similarity, sIFR deals with Firfox, IE5+, Show 7+, Safari and numerous different programs. 90% of machines are supposed to be viable. On non-viable machines the module essentially doesn’t produce results.


I’ve viewed there as some minor speed issues. It’s by and large prudent just to utilize the module on little titles and so forth as opposed to entire passages. Stacking speeds are incredible however whenever utilized appropriately, and are imperceptible to the client.

By and large impression

I love this module. I’ll involve it in large numbers of my future sites. This instrument can make your sites stand apart from the group by showing crisp looking typography. It’s significant however to recall that little extent of individuals who can’t run the module, and ensure that the default CSS styles are likewise up to the present elevated expectations.