Mysticism With Gratitude

What is Christian Mysticism?


One of those intrinsic things we must examine periodically throughout our lives is our attitudes. Attitudes affect our mental as well as our spiritual existence. You don’t have to be either a mystic (Christian mystic, same thing) to understand this or to know how important it is.

Not only are mystics happier as we go through  mystical teachingsour daily living, but we all intend to spread happiness as well as joy. Do we ever fail to do this? Sure. We are human.

But people in general can just as easily spread anger and unhappiness without even thinking about it.

Our attitudes affect not only our own lightheartedness but also those of the people around us. It has a serious effect on our physical well-being. Poor attitudes have a definite adverse reaction on our health, and through us the physical well being of all those we come in contact with.

Therefore, our contentment, or lack of it, will come to seriously affect the mental as well as the physical well-being of ourselves and those we come in contact with. For these crucial reasons, we (not just mystics) need to regularly examine how we feel and how we affect those around us.

One of the most profound attitudes that affect our conscious lives on a constant basis would certainly be gratitude. If we are able to walk through our lives with an attitude of thanksgiving, that would certainly affect us on a cellular level. This is a constant part of the mystic life.

Unfortunately, our complex society does not normally spread joy and happiness and therefore we need to regularly train ourselves to live in an attitude of health and well being. Mystic or not.

Actually, at times, we all find that it is hard not to be a grouch. But stop and think for a moment! If you have all kinds of physical and environmental problems (and who doesn’t) one thing we can all be proud of is that we are alive which means that our souls can evolve.

Mystics know that our body is quite miraculous and is a gift, no matter its condition. We all have opportunities to develop and should be grateful for that alone. For example, most of us have no need to constantly monitor our digestive systems nor our circulatory systems

The next time you are thinking negative thoughts, just remember that all of our thoughts are like prayers dashing helter-skelter throughout the universe. If you are a mystical person, you use contemplation, meditation, and illumination to keep your attitudes in check. You want those thoughts to go out in a positive way in order to add love and contentment throughout the universe. There is already enough unhappiness out there without us adding to it. A Christian mystic wants that love to go both ways. To God and back again and all around.

This is the way of mystics. We use contemplation along with meditation to bring illumination. You can certainly use books to begin the process, but knowledge from a book itself cannot make you attuned to a Supreme Being. And we cannot do this without having an attitude that arouses love and contentment as well as engendering knowledge. Gratefulness! This is what being a mystic is all about. Finding your place, yourself, your destiny.