License Music – Classical New Age Ambient Music For Your Projects


Are you wondering where to get the right music to play on your site or your promotional video your powerpoint display, or your artistic exhibit or yoga class your spa or some other idea that you have in mind that could be greatly enhanced with the right music? Find music

Simple as pie. Are you convinced that obtaining a license legally requires lengthy and complicated processes and that the price of music you want to use may be excessive to be affordable?

However, this isn’t necessarily the case.


If you’re involved in the broadcast, film or new media industry, or are working in the world of holistic work and are looking to license classical-new age music to your project, I’m here to assist you. You can reach me using my contact form on my website.

I concentrate on classical-new-age ambient, instrumental healing music, spiritual music jazzy music, oriental music , and motivational music. I offer music that combines the sounds of classical western instruments as well as traditional oriental instruments.


You can also license my music to any holistic endeavor such as Spas, Healing Centers and websites that emphasis on personal growth, self-help as well as spiritual and healing. My music for sound healing is licensed as motivational background music to many holistic healing techniques, such as relaxation methods, meditations, chakra meditations, metaphysical healing and psychic meditations. They also include soul meditations, acoustic meditatives as well as yoga, reiki healing as well as energy medicine practices. Qigong healing, Aiki healing and emotional freedom techniques (EFT) and imaginative visualizations.  You can also license it to be used as background music on visualization boards that are designed to use the law of attraction.


Do you need to know ahead of time the price you’d be willing to pay for music for your specific type of project without filling in numerous forms such as sending emails or faxes or making numerous phone calls, or arranging preliminary meetings that may cause you to lose time and money?

It’s not a issue.

I utilize an internet License Quote calculator, so you can receive an immediate quote online, based on the nature and scope the project.


I understand that you’re working, which is why I made it simple for you for you to stream my songs on the internet to select the perfect track for your project. On my page for music listening you can access my radio online (so that you are able to listen a variety of songs in the background while doing other things online). There is also the option to listen to sample songs on a speedy or slower internet connection. Of course I can also choose the perfect track for your project by letting me know via email what you are looking for of your project, its purpose, mood or the purpose that you want to convey with your work.

It’s easy to license music. Best wishes for success with your venture.