How to make an attractive umbrella design

Choosing to buy each type of umbrella is important. Because choosing an umbrella must be suitable for yourself as well. To meet the needs of everyday use, so you can use the umbrella to the fullest. The umbrella also has many patterns for you to choose from. With artwork design, so you can decide if you like this style or not. with interesting patterns for you to choose yourself However if

you are going to sell it, it is very important. You can screen your logo on your umbrella. If the pattern that comes out doesn’t satisfy you, you can order it until you’re satisfied. Which is considered a very answer to your business.

By the way, initially in logo design. Or the screen logo on the umbrella, the process is simple as follows.

1. You need to call and talk to the customer first about ของชำร่วยwhat kind of umbrella to use. To appear on your umbrella

2. Be clear about the size and site. to suit the use

3. Try to screen the logo. and designed to make it easier for customers to make decisions and agree on prices with customers

4. Depending on the number of colors that must be used as well Prices may vary. That’s it, your umbrella will be produced according to the style you have chosen.

As we said above, There are many types of umbrellas, today I will give an example of the most popular

umbrellas, folding umbrellas.

It is a small umbrella that many people are interested in. and carry it around as much as possible And it is also an umbrella that is most suitable for people who are popular to run their businesses. Because folding umbrellas are easy to carry around. Can be folded into a bag easily. When unfolded, it will be the right size. Therefore, people who use it feel that they are not a burden.

It also has an umbrella cover when finished using it. but more suitable for single-use Can protect from sunlight and rain. There are also many colors to choose from. along with unique patterns, Folding umbrellas are another option for entrepreneurs

One-section umbrella.

It is an umbrella that is suitable for indoor use. and can be used by many people because it is quite large but lightweight More importantly, there are also screened designs to attract a large number of people to buy. Although the pattern may not be as important as the use, it is considered that this one-part umbrella is suitable for use in modern times. Easy to find at leading stores in general. is

durable Has the longest lifespan that has it all choosing the fabric of the umbrella will choose Polyester with UV protection coating (UV) to protect the skin from red light

LED umbrella.

It is an umbrella that is very modern, suitable for use at night. I must admit that at night there is always something hidden danger. If one day you have to walk home alone, carrying this type of umbrella is considered. It is as good as another premium product. In addition to being able to use Can also be given as a gift, giveaway, or premium as well.

If you need these umbrellas in any form, you can order them directly. Because sometimes in different logo designs, you may have to ask about your preferences. and the needs of customers as the main The umbrella factory has many options for you to choose from. that makes your umbrella look good It’s even more interesting. Most importantly, the more you order, the cheaper the wholesale

price. Plus, it’s a quality umbrella. because it is produced directly from the factory There are still many umbrellas for customers to choose from. Whether it’s golf umbrellas, field umbrellas, and many more, which are ready to be delivered to all customers equally.