How to Consider Size Before Purchasing an Air Track?


Inflatable air track can be an expensive investment. You need to do some research before purchasing it. It can be done easily by narrowing down your available options and finding the exact size, price, and thickness that you want most, you can then get your best product from Kameymall brand’s list of air track mats.

Size of Air Track – Length and Width

Air track is always narrow, long, and inflatable rectangles. They are in different sizes. It’s a good thing to measure that exact area where you will use your air track most often and then the time comes that you will get your exact sized product with appropriate dimensions.

The size doesn’t always means length, the width is also included in size. A best air track is usually 3 feet wide. You can also get a range of lengths from 3 to 20 feet depending on your requirements and age group. The most common size for an air track is 10 feet. These common air tracks can be linked together in order to create more longer air track.


The best size of an air track depends on your requirements and needs. However, if you want to purchase an air track from wide variety of options then Kameymall brand is the best option.