How long does a cat sleep?

If you can’t help but be jealous of your cat for the amount of hours he sleeps every day. He sleeps all day!! Don’t worry, you are not alone!

Whether he is on his little bed, on a seat, on the floor, on the computer or curled up in the strangest and most surprising places and sometimes even in positions that do not seem at all comfortable, the cat is an expert. to find the perfect place to take a nap. He is a professional because he spends most of his time sleeping.

Although it seems incredible, his body needs the rest it gives itself to be healthy.

Are they born to sleep?

If your cat has already had a litter of small kittens at home, you can very quickly check that they spend a lot of time sleeping. This may be cause for concern for human parents of this litter. But don’t worry because if the kittens wake up to eat and be bathed by their mother, everything is fine.

During the first days of their life, kittens spend 90% of their days sleeping. This translates to 20 hours a day of sleep. Is all this sleep time necessary? YES, because while kittens sleep, their body releases the hormone that stimulates growth. So many hours of sleep simply means healthy development.

Although they sleep, kittens are not completely inactive. It is not uncommon to observe them falling into a deep sleep during which they move their delicate little legs while stretching their claws or to observe their shivering body. When they are babies, these movements correspond to the exercise they need in order to be healthy.

From the fifth week, kittens drastically reduce their sleeping hours. They only spend 65% of their time sleeping. The rest of the hours of the day are used for them to eat, play and also to explore their environment on their mischievous little legs.

How many hours does an adult cat sleep?

After the fifth week and before the first year of life, kittens sleep 65% of their days. Once they reach adulthood, the average hour of sleep starts to increase again and they spend between 70% and 75% of their time sleeping, that is to say between 15 to 16 hours a day. They reach adulthood after their first year of life, although depending on their breed, this may vary.

Although the adult cat spends a lot of time sleeping, he does not sleep for 16 hours straight, but he takes plenty of little naps throughout the day, little naps from which it is easy to wake him up and that he realizes in various places of the apartment. In addition to these naps, the cat goes through stages of deep sleep once or twice a day.

What about older cats?

Although once they are over 12 they are all considered senior cats. Surely you find that hard to believe. You will not be able to notice any significant change in its appearance. But little by little his habits will be more sedentary. His personality will be more and more peaceful even if he will always keep the same adorable features. Only in very old cats (15-18 years old) or very sick, we can notice a deterioration of the body.

Decreased physical activity results in increased hours of sleep. The older your cat, the more it will sleep. He will spend between 80 and 90% of his day. That is to say between 18 to 20 hours a day, a sleep time very similar to when he was just a kitten.

Why do they sleep so much?

There is no universal agreement on why cats spend so many hours sleeping. Although most of the studies done agree on a rather flattering explanation for them. Indeed, they indicate that cats allow themselves the luxury of sleeping so much, even in the wild, because they are very good hunters. So they have no trouble getting their daily food. In winter, they prefer to rest for longer in order to lose as little body heat as possible. This is the reason why they seek the warmest places for their rest. This instinct has not been abandoned by domestic cats and their comfortable life.

Another reason a cat sleeps many hours a day is because they are bored or spend too much time alone.

Many people think cats are nocturnal animals. It is for this reason that they sleep the whole holy day. But nothing could be further from the truth because your cat also sleeps during the night.

What are the stages of sleep in felines?

A cat’s sleep is divided into a series of short naps and a deep sleep stage.

In this article, we will help you find the best cat house indoor for your pet.

In recent years, more and more people are turning to indoor cats to keep their furry friend safe. However, some people don’t know how to choose the best cat house indoor for their cats and therefore end up buying a poorly designed one that won’t last long.

1) The size of the cat house should be appropriate for your cat’s size so as not be too small or too big. If it is too small, your pet will feel smothered by an unnatural space and if it is too big, he may feel lost in it. A good guideline is that if you can touch both sides of the  cat tower with one arm then it’s probably just right.