How do you become a celeb bodyguard?

You want to eat dinner with Justin Timberlake every day? You want to take Lady Gaga along with you in a group of jealous fans, keeping your hand on her waist. You want to find out who Tara Reid’s new BFF is? You can become a celebrity bodyguard, and you’ll likely spend your entire life at A-list parties and being surrounded with the paparazzi.

However, celebrity bodyguarding isn’t as glamorous or cool as it appears to outsiders. It is common to believe that a bodyguard’s job is nothing more than hitting people¬† who cross the line. It is important for bodyguards to avoid confrontations whenever possible. The bodyguard must be able to outwit the media and their crazy fans, and ensure that the celebrity is safe when they are in public.

How can one become a bodyguard for Madonna, Tom Cruise, Channing Tatum, and Jessica Simpson? Look for a company that provides security services to celebrities¬†bodyguard service London and other famous persons. Here are some characteristics security companies consider when assessing a candidate’s suitability.


Any potential employer will first check to see if the applicant has experience. Security agencies are also subject to this test. There are very few chances of a non-professional being hired to protect a celebrity client. Agencies prefer former cops and military veterans who have previously worked in law enforcement agencies.

These individuals are able to take control and use their authority to manage out-of-hand circumstances. This trait is invariably a result of experience. Celebrities enjoy the same level of security as business tycoons or politicians. Only experienced applicants are eligible to apply.

A clean record

Different companies apply different criteria. The general consensus is that the individual should not pose a risk to the operation. Unsavory pasts are invariably a deal-breaker. Security checks are required to verify the candidate’s criminal record as well as their drinking habits. Even DUI convictions could be a problem.


To be more intimidating than intimidating, a bodyguard must also perform other duties. Celebrities are loved and adored by fans, but sometimes they get too excited. You can see videos of celebrities being attacked by their fans. You will see the celebrity being protected by a guard in each instance.

Celebrities are often photographed by fans and photographers. Celebrities are often at risk of injury from this. The guard is responsible for protecting his or her client and removing the risk. Security professionals should be proficient in hand-tohand combat. It is always advantageous to have advanced driving and defensive skills.


While the term bodyguard is often associated with a gorilla, professional bodyguards insist their primary task is to avoid confrontations. Although he or she may get maximum publicity by walking alongside celebrities, the real work begins before they leave the building.

Bodyguards are able to anticipate problems and find ways to minimize them. Celebrities are often blamed for the news that a celebrity’s bodyguard was involved with an altercation. Security personnel are expected to be able to tell when to use their fists and when to let their mouths speak.

Tough Work Conditions

The nine-to-five schedule is not something that bodyguards can afford. They must be available for the celebrity whenever they need them. They may work odd hours to make more but they also have to be available for the celebrity whenever they need them.

Unprofessional Clients

Veteran veterans have shared stories of real-life situations such as cleaning out a movie star’s vomit or securing two stars who were having an affair in public. These activities are not common among celebrities. But, there are always difficult customers in any profession. The security industry is no exception.