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This will help distribute the weight evenly to make the truck easier to drive. Also, place the heavier items against the wall to leave easier access for loading and unloading the truck. It might sound obvious, but most people will still attempt to lift heavy furniture by themselves. Or, consider hiring labor-only movers to help you move heavy pieces. A few days before your moving date, clear every path to the front door. Prop the doors wide open and use a door stopper to keep them open throughout the move.

A maintenance-free dining table

Place a small amount on an old rag and wipe the furniture following the wood grain. Move to a clean area of the rag as the grime is transferred.

How to Pack Furniture For Moving

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Your grandmother’s wicker might have been made from willow branches, bamboo, rattan, or reeds. Today’s resin wicker—also called “all-weather wicker”—is generally made of steel or aluminum wire wrapped with a paper or plastic material.

The cleaning task can take 5 minutes or an hour; the time it takes depends on how much wood you have. Don’t skip this task since accumulated dust can harbor microscopic dust mites or spider-like insects. All of the designers we consulted cited teak as the gold standard of wood for outdoor furniture, noting a well-made teak piece could last for decades. Calvin Abe, principal architect at the design firm AHBE, also praised the tropical hardwood ipe.

If you see no discoloration, proceed to wipe the furniture down with a the a clean cloth soaked in mineral spirits. Finish by wiping away any residual cleaner with a water-moistened cloth, inspecting the wood for blemishes as you go. The amount of time and effort you put into selling furniture online will influence how much money you can make.