Have a Live Streaming Show to Increase Your Online Exposure and Followers!

While sharing recorded videos might help you attract attention and admirers, broadcasting your own live online shows is another wonderful approach to become famous.

In the past year, You Tube has experimented with live video broadcasting, including a U2 performance and an Indian Premier League match. The site has also broadcast live webcasts of US President Barack Obama’s news conference, San Francisco’s “Outside Lands” performance, and a Bon Jovi concert from New York City. Google, which owns YouTube, previously stated that it did not want to enter the live video arena due to the high costs, but that no longer appears to be the case, as YouTube recently held a two-day trial of its live video streaming platform, allowing four users to feed live broadcasts to their YouTube channels. YouTube is now widely expected to enable live streaming to everyone (or at the very least all Partners) in the near future. The kora live is the choice of everyone for live broadcasting of the game events.

For YouTube partners and millions of viewers, this is a breath of new air. Nothing beats going live on television, and it keeps people interested in your show. There’s also something more exhilarating about live video since the viewers know you’re there with them, right now. They get the impression of actually being there and experiencing things with you, rather than afterwards when you’re more distant. Through chat, you may immediately communicate with your audience, and vice versa. It also allows for greater fun and spontaneity, almost as if you were on a reality TV programme. There is no need for editing, and it may be as easy as talking to a single camera.

In my previous experience with live video, I had weekly viewers that would tune in to see my show. These regulars don’t miss my webcasts very often, but they do miss many of my YouTube videos. It only goes to show how beneficial and interesting live videos can be for your followers and prospects.

Live video streaming may help foster a feeling of camaraderie among your audience (again with the chat area beside the videos where the audience members can get to know each other). I was able to designate chat room moderators from among the regulars, which they were quite enthusiastic about, and this helped to govern the user experience while effectively maintaining the authority in the hands of the viewers.

While social media platforms are still vital for gaining online visibility, it’s always a good idea to think about doing as many different things as possible to appeal to a wide range of individuals. Consider this: some individuals enjoy tweeting, while others prefer Facebook interactions, and some prefer polished videos to raw, live footage. The more you can do to cater to the many sorts of individuals you’re attempting to reach via video, the more likely you are to succeed in reaching them all!