Everything you need to know about tiktok apps

From DIY tricks and makeup tips to games and games, you can find TikTok videos for almost any pleasure. In TikTok, there are no “good” or “bad” types of themes, so people can let their thoughts run free. Your child can also use TikTok to learn new skills, learn to play music, or even connect with interested people.

Most movies are fun and use all the tools to make a 15 second video as memorable as possible. Most of the content you can find is awesome, fun and entertaining, but people are also using the platform to react to current events like the #BlackLivesMatter campaign and the widespread COVID-19 everywhere. This has led to controversy in the past, as TikTok has been accused of censoring political content that criticizes the Chinese government. However, TikTok contains community guidelines that all content must be respected and prohibited, such as harassment, discrimination, harassment or sexual harassment on the platform. Now with this

How it works?
Users do not need an account to watch videos on TikTok, but they will be reminded to create a free account if they want to like, comment, edit their feed, or create their own private video content.

Like most social media platforms, TikTok requires users to be at least 13 years old, but there is no solid proof of age. On first login, users are prompted to access their email, Google account, or by linking TikTok to one of their other social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter. Enter your date of birth, choose a favorite theme such as sports, pop culture, music or games, and users will be taken directly to your feed.

Unlike most of its competitors, TikTok does not require users to add any information to their profile. You’ll be assigned a PIN, but it’s up to you if you want to add your name, profile picture, or other personal information.

Users can control all their content. Organizing your videos is very simple, and there are many tools you can use to edit your content, such as filters, effects, text, and stickers.

Depending on age and how they are edited, users will be able to share content with their followers and/or the wider TikTok community, and may also redistribute content to other platforms like Instagram or YouTube. Famous TikTokers like dancer Addison Rae and magician Magic Singh rose to fame by building audiences on multiple platforms simultaneously.

Data collection: TikTok has previously been accused of illegally collecting data from children under 13, resulting in a £4.2million fine from the US government’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FTC) and the UK Information Regulatory Commission have been heavily criticised. . ICO). Fortunately, TikTok no longer requires users to provide too much privacy to the app, but we want you to minimize the data your kids store in the app and kill yourself within these settings. However, with ssstiktok tool you can convert any video without watermark!

Contact with strangers: Communicating with newcomers in the media is not inherently dangerous, but TikTok in the past has been in the media for not removing sexual references to teenagers. The platform instructions include a section on “minor safety”. The statement read: “We are committed to the safety of children and we do not tolerate child abuse or neglect.” To address additional concerns, TikTok has introduced a special feature that prevents people under 16 from sending and receiving private messages, but does not prevent young users from misrepresenting their age. Adjust the app settings (see details below) and let your child know that they can contact you if they’ve encountered a malfunction, such as contact with strangers.
TikTok Live: TikTok offers live streaming which is only available to users 16 and older. Users can start a live stream or respond to another user with their own live stream. Live streaming can be a fun and instant way to connect with others, but there is a risk that younger users could live stream with adults in an unsupervised location. . Dangerous competitions: Community advertisers have become aware of contagious competitions that many users are interested in. However, TikTok has been heavily criticized for allowing dangerous events such as the Skullbreaker Challenge and Outlet Challenge to gain popularity on the platform. Don’t let your kids try the risks you see on TikTok. You can find more information about the virus in this newsletter for parents.
Does TikTok have parental controls? TikTok offers users a variety of configurations to improve the experience and make it safer for teens. These controls were recently tightened as part of a joint effort to make the platform safer for younger users. It’s important to remember that setting up and monitoring parents doesn’t eliminate the risk, but it can be a good first step.