Different Ways of Learning for Kids

Have you ever wondered how kids can learn so many different things? Well, most parents try to teach their kids as much as possible before they head off to school. Now one might often think, what are the different ways one can teach a child? Or what are the things that kids should learn about before going to preschools? This article will help you to understand what topics you should teach the children before they go to school.

There are several topics that parents can choose from to teach their children about, like poems, stories, essays, general knowledge questions and many more things. These all are different ways by which you can enrich kids learning. Let’s have a look at how those things help kids to learn.

  • Stories – Be it children or adults, everyone loves to hear stories. There are four types of stories that parents often tell their children, i.e. bedtime stories, Panchatantra stories, moral stories and fairy tale stories. Now one might think how storytelling can prove to be beneficial for kids. Hearing different stories helps children develop a sense of moral values as well as learn new words. Stories also help children to expand their imagination.
  • General Knowledge – Before children go to preschool; it is important that they have a basic idea about general knowledge. A student who’s aware of his/her surroundings or has the minimum knowledge about their country’s or neighbouring states is much more appreciated than someone who doesn’t. Questions like what’s the capital of their country? Or what’s the national animal of their country? Or who is the prime minister/president of the country? Or what are the neighbouring countries? Knowing these questions helps the children gain an edge over the others.
  • Poems – You might have heard of poems like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars”, “Baa Baa Black Sheep”, “Mary had a Little Lamb”, etc. Poems help children to have enhanced vocabulary, learn proper pronunciation and use proper punctuation. You can get a number of poems from BYJU’S website appropriate for students of primary classes.
  • Essays – Another important topic that helps in a kid’s learning process is the essay. Schools often give students to write about different essay topics. And they can write about these topics only when they read about them. BYJU’S offers a variety of essays on topics that are generally asked in primary classes.

Apart from these, parents can also teach their children about various simple grammar topics that are essential for them to know. There are various worksheets for kids that students can practise from to make sure that they have understood the grammar concepts. One can find the various worksheets from BYJU’S that they can download and practise for free.