Concepts of Mathematics

One of the important subjects that is included at a very early stage in a kid’s syllabus is mathematics. The main reason for including mathematics at the early level is to familiarise the kids with numbers and the basic operations of mathematics. Though most kids don’t prefer solving mathematical problems, there are different ways by which parents can make them interesting.

One of the important mathematical concepts that kids learn about at primary school is addition. There are plenty of Addition Worksheets available at BYJU’S website that parents, as well as teachers, can download for children’s practice. This article will talk about how learning basic mathematical concepts like addition prove to be helpful for children.

Why is Addition Helpful?

This is not a question that only you’ve wondered about. This question arises in almost all students’ minds when it comes to mathematics. But there are some obvious reasons why concepts like addition and others are included in the mathematics syllabus. Let’s have a look at why.

  • In paying bills – Learning concepts like addition has many real-life applications, and one of them is paying bills. How would you realise that the amount of money you have to pay after buying things is the right amount? This is only possible if you know how to add the price of different items you’ve brought. And for that, you have to learn addition from the basics.
  • Increases your speed – Have you ever seen how some kids solve large sums within seconds? How do they do that? The secret to their fast calculation is they’ve practised addition innumerable times. Solving worksheets on addition on a regular basis helps children to achieve proficiency where they can calculate big numbers without taking much time. Start by solving the addition of single-digit numbers, then move on to double or triple digits.
  • Identify between more and less – Another important reason why addition should be introduced at a primary level is that it will help them identify the difference between larger and smaller quantities/numbers. Only by adding the numbers, one can understand which number is greater or smaller. As kids grow up, identifying greater or lesser numbers are given in form where they’ll have to add the given numbers and compare the results. To do that, children must have prior knowledge of addition. Be it single-digit or double-digit, or triple-digit, students should have a proper grasp over them.

Mathematics plays a crucial role in developing numerical ability in children. And if, as parents, you want your kids to stand apart from others, you should introduce them to the basic operations of mathematics. BYJU’S offers several math worksheets for students of different classes, which they can easily download for free and practise to understand better. After all, a kid who has a good understanding of mathematics has a better chance to get admission into a reputed educational institution.