Cashis: A rapper that has proved himself

Cashis is one of the American rap stars. He was born in Chicago, and his real name is Ramone Johnson. Cashis is his stage name, and he is popular with that name. After Chicago, he went to California to live. His music is good, and today many people know him because of his amazing work. He was born on 10 October 1982 in the United States. There are so many songs and rap videos of Cashis which get so many views and likes and become popular. If you are a rap music lover, you should listen to his music as well. There are many things to know about Cashis, and this blog will help you in knowing.

Cashis Albums:

He did a lot of work with other music groups, such as Bogish Brand Entertainment and Shady Records. Shady Records was the band that Cashis announced to leave in 2011 Cashis August. The first solo album of this rap star was released on 30 October 2012, and the name of that album was The Art of Dying. There are many amazing songs in this album that people love to listen to. The County Hound 2 was the second album of this singer, and people showed a lot of support and love for this album. There are many other cashis albums that you can enjoy with your friends or while on a road trip. 

Cashis work with Eminem:

Cashis is best known for working with Eminem. He is a popular singer, and Cashis appear in his song. “You don’t know” is Eminem’s song in which you can see the appearance of Cashis. This song was featured by Lloyd Banks and 50 Cent. This song has 407 Million views on YouTube, and from here, you can get an estimate of its popularity of this song. 1.9 Million People like this song on YouTube. So, Cashis’s work with Eminem give his career a boost, and many people start knowing his work. 

Cashis personal life:

Cashis has two siblings, a grandmother, and 13 children. Monique is the mother of the oldest daughter of Cashis, and she was one of his producers as well. He worked with some other producers as well, like rappers H-Long and Rikanatti. Monique was murdered in 1999. Stephanie was the girl whom he married after the death of Monique. The estimated net worth of Cashis is $1.5 Million, according to some research. Cashis is among the richest rappers in the music industry. 

Legal difficulties he faces:

After the death of Monique, Cashis face some legal difficulties in his life as well. Police arrest him for parole violation and put him in jail. He stays here for a small time period, and when he releases from here, he starts focusing on his career again. The loss of Monique and then going to jail was too much to handle for him, but he handles it well and gives time to his work again. You can read more about him on cashis wikipedia, and here, you’ll find the cashis you dont know.