Booklovers Who Have Too Many Books Can Organize Their Books

Do you love books? Do you have too many books? I read a lot. The books accumulate at an unbelievable rate. My bookcases and bookshelves are overflowing, and even new ones fill up very quickly. Many shelves in my basement are also filled with books. This is what you might be seeing. Here’s my attempt to control my finances. It worked lovebook.

Some books are better than others. Some books will be read only once regardless of how well they may be. While I don’t always have the time to throw them away, I try my best not to. My aunt and mom read a lot as well so they can help. They seem to be more generous with me than I am with books. However, it seems much easier to give away books given to me by someone else.

Some books are ones I will read repeatedly, some only once a decade or every few years. These books are classics, no matter how old or new they may be. These books are very easy to get hold of, since you know that they will never go out-of-print. Unless you are looking for a very special edition, you will be able to purchase another copy of the book if you like them. These books are great and you can gift them to anyone who enjoys them. There are many classics I’ve purchased, including “A Tale of Two Cities”, which I read several times while traveling.

There are books that you just want to have forever. They may be books you reference occasionally, no matter if they’re technically reference books. You may just be a fan of the books. They could be books you have marked-up and taken notes. I, for example, read lots of business books. I both mark them up as well as take detailed notes on the front and back blank pages.

I sort books as I run out space. Some I’ll keep and some I’ll move to a new bookcase or storage. Some I’ll throw away, such obsolete and worthless computer books. I have thrown away my DOS 3.0 books. I have some books that I can do something with. Don’t worry, they will be enjoyed by someone else!