Best type of wax for hair removal

Waxing is not satisfying, when you need to decide on the different type of wax/ Not all waxes are created equal, but they are designed to remove hair in either needle. It can be a little confusing to know where to use what. Traditional wax can be divided into different types of soft and hard wax, but things can be a little more difficult. Where does sugar fall in the scale? (Is waxing considered?) What wax should I use for the bikini area?


We got an overview of all types of wax from esthetician and waxing expert Jodi Shays and European Wax Center Education Manager Gina Petak. When choosing a type of wax, Shays says, “Use whatever wax you think will work best.”


Smooth Satin Luxury Cream Wax


“Cream-based waxes warm the skin,” says Shays. Honey/resin based hot waxes are considered obsolete and can be too hot, sticky and tingle the skin. However, there are many cosmetic experts who can combine waxes well with honey/resin based waxes. Shays does not recommend honey or lotions for sensitive skin. “It’s too hot and sticky and it can be abrasive.”

For very sensitive skin, look for a titanium dioxide sticky cream that makes products uneven between folds and skin.

Sugar Wax

It is one of the oldest known hair removal methods originating in the Middle East. It is also one of the most natural and simple formulas, often including a combination of sugar, lemon and hot water. “Sugar is not a wax. It’s a kind of hair removal, but it doesn’t have the same base,” Shays explains. There’s a reason hair removal, technically waxing or not, has been around for hundreds of years.


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The brazilian wax makes it ideal for sensitive and reactive skin. Sugar Wax acts like wax, holding hair in place without sticking to skin. Sugar Wax can be applied with your fingers as a stick or combined with tape like a soft cloth. Due to its ease of movement, the cream can remove hair of all body sizes, but is best suited for medium hair.  


Hot wax for leather

Hard wax is a good choice for thick and fine hair. The wax is used hot and hardens as it cools. It is also called stripless wax because in its healing form it acts like a strip itself. A small amount of pre-epilation oil is usually applied to the skin after cleansing to protect it from epilation. After the wax has been heated to a contiguous state, Shays explains, “it’s difficult to get into a simple device that’s pulled by a ‘lip’ donor.”


Hard wax is used thicker than wax, but it is an important application in the direction of hair growth. “If you pull your hair the wrong way, it can break and ingrown,” warns Petak. As the wax hardens without sticking to the skin like a soft cloth, it holds the hair in a shrink wrap. Therefore, it is necessary for small sensitive areas such as lips, nose, armpits and bikini area. When applied to a large area, like the legs, “it can break your hair at the end of the pull,” says Shays.


premade wax strips

Pre-waxed strips have the advantages of a cold rolled material already applied and ready to use without heating. This is the best option for consumers and the least threatening and most recommended for beginners. Not only is it easy to use, but you don’t have to use too much product. And depending on the hairs you’re removing, you can use the strip more than once per area.


Heat the wax on your hands to allow it to “heat up” a bit so the wax will stick to your hair better. Flu shots should be kept to a minimum and are the least of all tasks, making this the easiest option for travel. As with other cold waxes, there is no risk of burning your skin. Shays suggests using strips on a small area first because they don’t spread like hot wax. 


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