A Guide To Head Shaving For Men

The History Behind Head Shaving

From very early documents can observe evidence of shaving heads among the earliest Mediterranean people of Greece, Egypt and Rome. The religious aspects of head shaving are also evident in a variety of movements, with possibly, Buddhism being the most popular, particularly with those who belong to the Hare Krishna movement. People who are devoted to the Hare Krishna cause their heads to be shaved to prepare for the entry into priesthood, however this practice is not limited only to those in the Hare Krishna movement. In fact, Hindu monks also shave their heads. Muslim guys are advised by their religious leaders to trim their hair following the holy pilgrimage of Hajjas as it is believed to be 3 times more rewarding than cutting their hair best clippers for bald head.

The most recent instances of shaving the head include those in the army, as shaving hair is thought of as a sign of entry into post of commissioned positions. Since the year 2006, a head shave is the preferred haircut in the United States Army, the United States Marine Corp and in the United States Coast Guard. Some sportsmen also shaving their heads and swimmers to lessen drag, and boxers as well as cage fighters to try to challenge their opponents. HeadBlade is one of the most renowned makers of head shaving equipment has long been the sponsor of athletes in the Mixed Martial Arts series, including elite athletes like Shane Carwin. One of the main reasons to cut off their head is because, in essence, it’s very relaxing and also very trendy.

Many celebrities across the globe who wearing this “bald is best” look with celebrities like Bruce Willis, Andre Agassi as well as Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins to mention just some who have walked to this route. What is the simplest method of shaving your head? Follow these steps and a clean head will be yours.

Step 1: Select the Shaving Equipment you want to use.

Many people shave their hair using a traditional razor and blade. Like shaving your face it is the greater “tech” the blades for such as Gillette Fusion or the new Hydro range of Wilkinson Sword, the smoother shaving seems to be. There are specialist brands like HeadBlade that have received rave reviews. One of the major advantages that comes with HeadBlade is that it has at least one spot of the contact area with your scalp, so it’s much more effective in avoiding “nicks”.

Step 2: First Headshavers

It is essential to reduce as the hair you have as you can. For this, a basic set of electrical “hair clippers” can be employed with the guard removed off. A lot of high-street stores carry these and are very easy to use. When your hair is dry, you can whizz the fuzz , but remember to be careful! It’s usually simpler to ask your partner or a friend to trim your hair for the first time.

Step 3 is almost done

You must really “wet” down your hair. Hair typically takes 3-4 minutes to “wet down” so taking showers is the best method to make your shaving as relaxing as you can. If you’re not able to get a shower, you can try using a flannel which has been soaked in warm water. It does what you want, but ensure that the water isn’t boiling hot. You do not want to put an icy hot flannel onto your scalp that is already sensitive! !

Step 4 Lather up

Choose a top quality shaving oil or gel (foams can dry out your skin). One of the most popular choices among head shavers is the King of Shaves AlphaGel as well as HeadBlade HeadSlick. Massage it into your scalp before you get ready to shaving!

Step 5 Shave

If you’re using the HeadBlade choose your preferred hand, slide your index finger into the loop. Adjust it to your ease. While the blade is in the lead it, lightly smooth your HeadBlade over your scalp by using your fingers and the bottom of your hand to guide. Don’t force your fingers on the HeadBlade and let it move. The shaving “with the grain” is recommended until your skin is used to shaving. This method doesn’t cut as closely to the grain, but is certainly gentler to your skin. Switch the HeadBlade around before you start to clean the reverse of your head so you’ll be shaving with the blade in the direction of the blade.

Step 6 Wash and Protect

If your scalp is nice and smooth, rinse the excess gel using warm water. Gently pat the scalp. In the final step, use a quality moisturizer to keep your hair in good condition. If you reside in a climate that is sunny be sure to apply sunscreen on your scalp. Sunburn can be extremely unpleasant.