6 Ideas for Creating a Fashionable Tack Room Office

As horse lovers and professionals try to mix their hobby with work, the concept of the tack room office is becoming more popular. 

Whether you are an instructor, barn manager, or avid rider, converting your tack room into an elegant and functional office can improve both your organizational skills and overall love for your office.

Designing Your Tack Room Office

When designing a tack room office space, you need to think through how you can maximize available space while still maintaining order. Start by assessing the available space and determining the primary functions of your office. 

Go for office furniture that doubles as storage facilities, such as benches fitted with compartments inside or desks having adequate drawer spaces. Also vertical storage is vital. Consider installing shelves, hooks, and pegboards to make use of wall space for tack equipment, office supplies, and decorative elements.

A comfortable working environment is paramount, so choose ergonomic furniture that supports good posture during long hours.

Adding Style

Begin with selecting color schemes that show your taste but also blend with various constituents already existing in your tack room. Soothing earth colors like brown or green can be used as a backdrop while bright colored items add more life.

Moreover, decorating the room with horse related artwork is another way of making it your own. Pictures of your horses being framed, old riding posters or a wall having ribbons and trophies can make this place interesting. 

On top of that, using fabrics including rugs, pillows and curtains can introduce texture and warmth, making the office feel cozy and inviting

Essential Tech and Equipment

Various techs and equipment are necessary towards establishing a productive tack room office. Reliable internet connectivity is a must, so if your tack room is located far from the main router, invest in a Wi-Fi extender or mesh network system to ensure a strong signal. 

Similarly, a well-functioning printer, scanner and copier combo eases paper work while a laminator can be handy for preserving important documents and signage.

Appropriate lighting is necessary for both productivity and comfort. Use task lighting on your desk area so your eyes don’t feel strained. In case there isn’t enough daylight available, go for full-spectrum LED bulbs which imitate sunlight and enhance ambiance generally.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Practices

Incorporating sustainability into your tack room office can reduce your environmental impact and create a healthier space. Commence with energy-saving lighting options like LED bulbs that are low in power consumption, unlike standard incandescent bulbs that last longer.

Opt for sustainable furniture made from reclaimed wood or other eco-friendly materials. Many companies now offer stylish, durable pieces that are both functional and environmentally responsible. Additionally, consider repurposing existing items or sourcing second-hand furniture to reduce waste.

Choose the Tack Equipment to Display

Displaying select tack equipment can add a functional and decorative element to your office. Items such as cob bridles, show saddles and polished bits can serve dual purposes; style items and functional tools. 

Ensure they are easily accessible for their intended purpose yet aesthetically placed while arranging these things.

In order to organize them neatly while adding elegance to the space, using wall-mounted racks or shadow boxes is a good idea. This not only celebrates your equestrian interests but also keeps your most cherished equipment within easy reach.